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Not only the outdoor advertising and signboards (new):

We wish to offer you manufacturing of figured products and scenery for theatre and cinema, advertising breadboard models and 3D-designs for carrying out of advertising actions{shares} and presentations;
And any other non-standard advertising production;
Decorative elements for country landscapes; design изыски;
воплащение your original imagination at carrying out of corporate parties, celebrations and weddings.


Application of expanded polystyrene

It is not limited to manufacturing of volumetric letters for external and интерьерной advertising. Perhaps, production from the expanded polystyrene, intended for other purposes is necessary to you. We shall make it{her} for you as, our manufacture has the unique equipment, resolving to make a wide spectrum of production from expanded polystyrene. All production is made under individual sketches (projects), according to your parameters set программно.


Advertisement panel-

It is very capacious term describing one set of kinds of advertising, external and интерьерной. There is a set of descriptions of signboards as products of advertising manufacture which conduct approximately to such formulation: “ The signboard is a text (inscription) on a facade of the structure, reflecting specificity of activity of firm (enterprise) and (or) its{her} name ”. But it will be exact only partially as the advertisement panel is not always only the text with the information, and and a part of culture of the enterprise from it{him} особеностями and individuality. What создат for itself the client the first impression of a kind of a signboard, same will be impression then and about the company. And consequently, will be just fine if above a signboard the professional designer will work. In this case it{he} will draw attention potential and regular customers. By our personal experience, a signboard will name more precisely set of elements of the outdoor advertising (a board plus the complete set of volumetric letters and other), forming the uniform product, giving impression of the general{common} harmony.


The signboard is an advertising product of the first necessity,

Even if to not tell - that attribute of shop, cafe, without which about the enterprise potential customers can and not learn{not find out} firm even living in 50 meters from it{him}. Whether It is necessary to remind what "person{face}" of the enterprise is obliged to be attractive? Certainly, "signboard" can ограничется both a simple frieze, and "flat" letters near an input{entrance} in office. Or even the tablet on PVC plastic in the size 25 х 35см., it also - "signboard". But if you agree, that appearance of a signboard will win back найважнейшую a role in allocation of firm on a background of competitors, and appearance of office, a facade are not less important than an interior of office simply call to us and tell: " We behind signboards! ":-)





   Manufacturing in Minsk of the outdoor advertising, volume{volumetric} letters, classical volume{volumetric} light letters, letters with illumination "Контражур", light коробов and advertisement panels from экструдированного (firm) expanded polystyrene and usual (ball) polyfoam on термоплоттере with height of letters up to 1,8 m!

The technology provides the most sated{saturated} colors and shades!

   The outdoor advertising from экструдированного polystyrene foam is not exposed to atmospheric action. At +90°С advertising does not change properties even in current of a long time. Low temperatures also do not render influence on advertising and its{her} physical and chemical properties. Advertising is water-proof. At a long water immersion polystyrene foam imbibes all some percent{interests} of water from the weight that allows to produce of it{him} not only the outdoor advertising, but also to use it{him} for warming the bases! Polystyrene foam chemically racks. Therefore the outdoor advertising is stable during all serviceable life: the advertisement panel does not sit down and does not decrease in sizes. Temperature of operation состовляет from-200 up to +85 With.

   From the test report экструдированных plates "Пеноплэкс":

   "One cycle including twofold{double} depressing of temperature up to-40°С, alternating with heating samples up to +40°С and the subsequent endurance{quotation} in water (16 hours), is equivalent on температурно-влажностному to effect to one conditional year of operation... In total 90 testing campaigns of samples have been lead{have been carried out;have been spent}... Upon termination of tests of plates "Пеноплэкс" 35-th marks{grades} compression strength has not decreased... Change of the form of samples of plates "Пеноплэкс" is absent. " 90 CYCLES!!

We do{make} outside and интерьерную advertising

   Advertising shares on external and интерьерную. Also it is parts of one circuit. Because advertising external and advertising интерьерная is made on identical technologies and by means of one equipment. Differences only that the materials applied to the outdoor advertising, are obliged to possess excellent{different} resistibility to natural whims (a snow, a rain, ultra-violet radiation, low and heats, direct solar beams). Also the gassed condition of your street should be considered. And for интерьерной advertising it is possible to use materials for " internal works ". But in case of manufacturing интерьерной advertising advertising should look{appear} excellent and irreproachably as it{she} will get under пристольный a sight of clients of hundred times in current of the working day.

   The outdoor advertising

   The outdoor advertising on volumes and efficiency has grasped the second place, after TV. It is necessary to pay attention that for many companies the outdoor advertising became actually unique way though somehow to prove to be свом to potential customers. In the main turn it turns out that there is such feature of the outdoor advertising as an opportunity of scope (capture) of the certain city region.

   Интерьерная advertising

   Интерьерная advertising - complex{difficult} enough thing. At manufacturing such advertising the huge attention should be given to subtleties of assembly and quality of promotional materials. In fact "advertising" is on to a kind and is obliged to look{appear} безукоризнено. The most popular kind интерьерной advertising is a name the enterprises (trade mark), исполненое by means of volumetric letters and symbols. A signboard usually hang out on a wall of entrance group, a wall офисса.

   Интерьерная advertising can include: window dressing, registration of places of sales, tablets, information stands, indexes, signboards, штендеры...

Our volumetric letters on the outdoor advertising "Паритетбанк" - a kind in the winter.


The trade mark can be single-level, two-level (double) and multilevel.

Unary trade mark:

Volumetric trade mark from the expanded polystyrene, imposed on the dark blue rectangular substrate which is not repeating a contour of the trade mark "W"

Double trade mark:

Double advertising trade mark from letters, оклееных mirror-серебрянной a film. Боковины letters are painted in silver. Letters (40 mm) are pasted on a volumetric substrate (30 mm) from expanded polystyrene which repeats contours of letters

3D a trade mark:

Trade mark three-dimensional schedules, pyramidal, quadrilateral. Painting with imitation of silvery metal and gold. The trade mark is made{produced} by us specially as the sample for demonstration of opportunities плоттера and developments of your imagination:-)

Letters made of unpainted expanded polystyrene.

The ideal decision for интерьерной advertising and exhibition stands. The price of such letters below in 2 times of the price of the painted letters. There is a plenty of standard colors{flowers} of the expanded polystyrene applied to manufacturing of volumetric letters without painting

Manufacturing of advertising is an art!

Manufacturing of advertising this present{true} art. We make external and интерьерную advertising, using most лутшие both modern technologies and materials. We create and we make only creative and effective advertising. Except for all told, at manufacturing advertising we undertake necessarily to reflect individuality of the advertised{promoted} enterprise, firm, shop, cafe.

The price for manufacturing of advertising.

The proaccount{proinvoice} of the price on изготававливаемую advertising is very combined{complex;difficult} and borrows{occupies} on time from 10 minutes till several o'clock. First of all the proaccount{proinvoice} of volume spent материла here enters, and the quantity{amount} of kinds of materials on usual would seem a signboard begins from ten. Therefore the price for advertising it is practically impossible to tell at once. But if you wish to order in us only volumetric letters from expanded polystyrene, without a substrate and without installation the price in any case will be low, and, not on much more prices of usual "flat" letters. And still, the price of letters without painting usually almost in 2 times below the price of letters with painting.




Manufacturing of the outdoor advertising

It is the basic kind of our activity. We give all spectrum of services on manufacturing the outdoor advertising, design and installation of advertising designs. At manufacturing the outdoor advertising improbably important that all works have been done only at the highest industrial level. Working with us, you can be assured: the choice quality of materials and assembly passes{takes place} the control over all stages of technological process.

Manufacturing of the outdoor advertising differs from manufacturing advertising for interiors.

The outdoor advertising costs{stands} on the order more dearly{expensively}. As the outdoor advertising influences deposits, low and heats, direct solar beams then should especially qualitative materials will be applied. For example, here will not approach{suit} cheap самоклеющиеся a film. Here application only плёнок for external works is possible{probable}, отлипание, fading differently is possible{probable}. Cheap plastics, for example, turn yellow. Paints should be applied intended only to external works.

The design of the outdoor advertising is carried out by the skilled and known designer in the country.

The outdoor advertising - the most effective way of finishing инфор-ции about the goods or services.

Qualities of the outdoor advertising: frequency, a maneuverability and force of influence, and rather small cost in comparison with other kinds of advertising.

On capture of an audience for certain in time. The outdoor advertising concedes only TV.
Such opportunity of the outdoor advertising as geotargeting (an opportunity to lead the advertising company, both across all Belarus, and in the certain city quarters, the regional centers).
It is possible to carry to pluss of the outdoor advertising also greater{big} frequency of viewings of your advertisement panel, production.
In general, influence on potential customers of the outdoor advertising decent enough, т. To., successful work of the designer and as it is usual, the rather big area of the outdoor advertising are printed in memory of the future clients





Illuminated signs:

We do{make} an illuminated signs: volumetric light letters, letters with illumination контражур, light короба and light короба with volumetric light letters (контражур)..





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